New album by Philip G Anderson

Release Date: June 11, 2021

Format: Digital LP

Released by: Philip G Anderson (independent)

Track List:

1. Figment

2. As I Lay Awake At Night

3. Collective

4. A Dance For Midnight

5. Blur

6. Dreaming Of Chicago

7. Structures

8. Forethought

9. Reflections

10. Questions

11. Anxiety

12. Consumed

Figment_album artwork.jpg



2 years after my last full length solo album release, my sophomore album, FIGMENT, will mark a distinct change in tone, emotion, and character from my past work.  The contemporary classical album was written between 2018 and 2020, a strange and difficult time in my life.  I grew and changed as a person and an artist through experiences and observations of the world around me.  This album is not a commentary on those events and experiences themselves, but rather a personal reflection on struggle, growth, and evolution.

Gone are the expansive ambient sound beds and string swells of past releases, replaced by a greater emphasis on story, composition and harmony, and individual performance.  The album features powerful, energetic pieces including Forethought, Collective, and the title track, Figment, written for a 6 piece string ensemble as well as more intimate and pulled back pieces including As I Lay Awake At Night, Questions, and the solo piece piece, A Dance For Midnight. 

Some of the music in this album was performed live in 2019 with Atlanta-based contemporary dance company, Kit Modus, at The Callendwolde Fine Arts Center in Atlanta, Georgia. The performance was a collaboration with artistic director, Jillian Mitchell.  A special thanks is owed to her and the company.

The album is performed by frequent collaborator and violinist, Laura Masotto, Dutch cellists Alistair Sung and Ardie Son, and myself on piano.  The music was recorded remotely in each musicians' homes and personal studio spaces due to Covid lock downs and restrictions resulting in uniquely intimate recordings.


I'm a multi-instrumentalist composer and contemporary classical artist currently based near Atlanta, Georgia in the United States.  My music is a collection of life experiences, emotions, and events channeled into sound to connect with the listener.

My debut EP, Winter, was released in 2017 and received a positive albeit modest reception.  I released a series of singles over the next 2 years including my 2018 film collaboration with filmmaker Eric Waldron entitled Portraits which was screened in Millennium Park, Chicago, IL later that year.

My first full length album entitled Wilderness was released in 2019 to a positive reception and was featured in various publications in Europe and the United States including Phenom'enon, Rural Sounds, and Gezeitenstrom. 

2019 also saw the release of my hugely popular collaboration with Kyle McEvoy, As With The Night Sky, via Memoir Music.  The single has been streamed nearly 16 million times on Spotify alone and is featured in numerous editorial playlists.

2020 was the year of collaboration featuring several releases with Italian violinist, Laura Masotto including our 5 track EP, A Quiet Evening released by Lady Blunt Records (Italy).  I also released a collaborative album with investigative journalist, Ian Urbina, as part of The Outlaw Ocean Project which combines journalism and music to tell stories in an innovative new way.  My work on the project was featured in TeaLeaves' Nature X Design virtual festival and by Nura.

In addition to my artistic work, I also compose and produce music for film and television.  Recent credits include TV shows such as Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours To Hell and Back, Undercover Boss, and Chrisley Knows Best as wells a films/documentaries including Baghdad Graphic, Captain Phenomenal, and Luke And Jedi.








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Philip G Anderson

Philip G Anderson

Laura Masotto

Alistair Sung

Ardie Son

Philip G Anderson

Philip G Anderson

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