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I began writing this album back in early 2018.  At the time, I was working and writing out of my small, dark bedroom studio in my Chicago apartment.  The project was born out of a desire to get out of that claustrophobic space and to go out into the wilderness and explore.  To escape from everyday distractions and stresses and to be in a place of calm.  I wanted to create music that got me out of that space and hopefully inspires others to do the same.  I was inspired early on by the beautiful imagery of the vast wilderness in the Pacific Northwest.  I wondered what the dense, lush forests, flowing rivers, and immense mountains would sound like musically.  And so, I composed 10 pieces to reflect what I felt that would sound like, a sound track for exploring the wilderness.  I traveled with cinematographer and photographer Grant Boutiette to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State where we spent 5 days filming and photographing the wilderness.  With that footage, editor Andre De Matheu and I have created 3 videos each featuring a track from the album.  I've also compiled a collection of photographs from the trip that, along with the videos and most importantly, the music, I hope inspires you to go out, explore, and discover.


Wilderness album art


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Wilderness [OFFICIAL VIDEO] - Philip G Anderson
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Along The Forest Floor [OFFICIAL VIDEO] - Philip G Anderson
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From River To Ocean [OFFICIAL VIDEO] - Philip G Anderson
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