Composed and produced by: Philip G Anderson

Piano: Philip G Anderson

Violin: Dave Edwards

Cello: Erin Cassel

Mixed by: Philip G Anderson

Mastered by: Taylor Deupree (12K Mastering)


Strings recorded in: Porter Performing Arts Center, Porterdale, GA

Recording engineer: Philip G Anderson

Album artwork photograph: Grant Boutiette

Album artwork design: Philip G Anderson

Graphic design: Ken Cao

Photography by: Grant Boutiette & Philip G Anderson

Cinematography by: Grant Boutiette

Editing: Andre DeMatheu

Color grading: Andre DeMatheu

Additional thanks:

Eric Waldron, Buncie Lanners, Abigail Coggin, The Newton County Arts Association,

Carl & Doreen Morgan, Liz Stillerman, Bill & Renee Anderson


- Gezeitenstrom -

"On a level that can touch a person immediately, thanks to romantic soundscapes on an exorbitant understanding of music"

- Rural Sounds -

"The strings are absolutely stunning. Seriously. The warmth they carry is quite spectacular and they create the perfect spacious background. Floating in a perfect harmony above the strings is a light and airy piano melody. It has an inspiring sound to it, and gives you a bit of inspiration and hope"

- Phenom'enon -

"we are continuously drifting in the company of these instruments, as if the flow of a brook that is flowing deep in the woods that are surrounded by mountains came alive in musical pictures"

- Mellow Structures -

" wilderness is embraced by weightlessness, beauty, meaning, admiration"