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I compose and license music for television, film, video games, commercials, and motion picture advertising.  Credits below:

Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours To Hell and Back
Undercover Boss
Wicked Tuna
Chrisley Knows Best


Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours To Hell And Back (FOX, custom music)

Undercover Boss (CBS, custom music)

Chrisley Knows Best (USA Network, custom music)

Growing Up Chrisley (USA Network, custom music)

Declassified (CNN, custom music)

Wicked Tuna (Discovery, custom music)

Dateline (NBC, music featured in)

Botched (Entertainment, music featured in)

Intervention (A&E, music featured in)

Wahlburgers (A&E, music featured in)

First 48 (A&E, music featured in)

Wolves and Warriors (Animal Planet, music featured in)

CakeFest (FYI, music featured in)

Forged In Fire (History, music featured in)

Cola Wars (History, music featured in)

Pawn Stars (History, music featured in)

Strongest Man In History (History, music featured in)

Celebrity Watch Party (FOX, music featured in)

Notorious (ReelzChannel, music featured in)


The Life, Death and Ressurection of Fred Irving (short, original score)

Crash Into Me (short, original score)

Baghdad Graphic (documentary, original score)

Captain Phenomenal (short, original score)

Luke And Jedi (documentary, original score)

For The Sake Of The Children (documentary, original score)

The Limits Of My World (documentary, original score)

Le Passage Du Temps (short, original score)

Fleur (short, original score)

Wanderful (short, original score)

A Life's Inspiration (short, original score)

The Rocketeer (short, original score)

Video Games:

Armed And Gelatinous (original music)


411 Music Group

Atrium Music

Gramoscope Music

Trailer Bros

Dos Brains Music

Flipper Music

Move Music

Hi Five

The Music Supervisors

Music For Dance Performance:

The Loudest Quiet (Off Center Project, custom music)

Covington Regional Ballet (Contemporary show 2019, original music & piano performance)

Figments by Kit Modus (original music & live performance)

Vacillate (MAD Festival 2020, original music)

Music available for licensing via MUSIC VINE:

Music Vine
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